08 March 2006

U.S. Lets Missouri Family Host Vietnam Orphan

This article from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette AP National News popped up in my RSS feed today... It's great when the system actually works!

07 March 2006

New name for the blog

Michael's Musings was getting a little worn out, and I never really got around to posting many "musings"... So I've decided to give the blog a new name: Missouri Family Life. We'll see how it goes.

03 March 2006

Our Article in The Chart

So, our campus newspaper, The Chart wrote an article about our trip to Korea. They even got most of the facts right. Errors: the guest house was furnished, but there were no people around; two captions on photos got switched; they wrote "Madeleine" when they meant "Audrey" when talking about people on the subway. Not bad for a newspaper article. See it for yourself--Family adopts Korean child.