08 September 2005


Tonight I was at home with Audrey. It was about 7:15, and we were just finishing dinner and waiting for Susan to come home when the phone rang. It was our social worker from Holt. She said, "Michael... I have your referral!" I said, [pause] "You don't!"

It turns out it was all done via email - a new thing for Holt. She confirmed my email address, and by the time I fired up my PC, there were the photos and all the documents right on my computer screen! I printed them all out, with Audrey sitting by my side, the whole time wanting to see the photos of her baby sister. When she saw them, she said, "Is that me?"

By the time Susan got home, I had a stack of papers in hand and we got to give her the wonderful surprise.

We've picked out a tentative name but will look at her Korean name and think a while before deciding for sure.